More About Me

Real Estate Services: Residential / Commercial / Investments / Rentals

I am a Real Estate Tech Pro with a Vast Real Estate Experience of 7 years from India . I bring you Real Estate with Technology in these fast changing times and bring support in all arenas of your Real Estate quest.

I live in Montgomery/Hillsborough, New Jersey. I love to enrich the life of the people in my neighborhood by encouraging pizza donations on kids graduations day. I do Fundraisers for RWJ Hospitals and Otto Kaufman Society on Skillman Road and host the Pies donations on Thanksgiving and Trick and Treat events on Halloween and Fundraisers on Christmas and New Year because I believe in the spirit of sharing is caring.

You can find me in my community every 2-3 days assisting with the people with anything related to Real Estate help.


Punjabi, Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali