Your Home June 19, 2022

Neutral Home Shades

Benefits of Neutral Colors for Home Decor

Neutral colors for home decor do not limit a homeowner’s tastes or color palettes and tend to work well with any style of decor — from ultra-modern to traditional. Here are some of the major benefits for working with neutral wall color

Painting neutral colors for home interiors offers a number of benefits to homeowners throughout Dallas-Fort Worth. While some may think of beige or bone white as the only options for neutral hues, the truth is that there are actually an abundance of colors from which to choose. Neutral wall paint does not limit Metroplex homeowners‘ tastes or color palettes, and neutral colors tend to work well with any style of decor — from ultra-modern to traditional. Here’s a short list of some of the major benefits for working with neutral wall colors.

Defining “Neutral”

Neutral colors for home interiors can have warm and cool tones. To help you think outside the box, Sandy LeRoy, an interior designer and professional home stager, expands the definition of neutral: “As you know, there are many, many shades of gray, some light, some dark, some warm (red, orange or yellow added) and some cool (green, blue or violet added), all of which can be considered ‘neutrals.’ ” With this definition to work with, you can choose hues that have a touch of blue, green, or yellow, as long as the base color is on the spectrum of gray to white.

Resale Value and Mass Appeal

If you ever decide to sell your home, neutral tones will appeal to far more buyers than bright or vibrant hues. For instance, a bright purple bedroom or a brick red accent wall could easily distract a buyer. Neutrals, on the other hand, help a buyer see how rooms flow together while highlighting details like wainscoting, crown molding, and flooring. According to HowStuffWorks, neutral has mass appeal for a reason: It allows buyers to envision their furniture and personal style in almost any setting.

Easy Decor Changes

Neutral colors allow you to easily change furnishings and design elements without having to change the colors of your walls. Since you’re not limited to one color family, you can customize any room to your taste. For example, a coral-and-blue comforter set will easily complement light-gray-toned walls in your bedroom. If your living room walls are painted in a muted hue, buying new furniture is a breeze because you don’t have to worry about repainting. According to Better Homes and Gardens, neutral colors actually expand your design possibilities because you won’t be limited to a specific color scheme.

Liven Up a Room with Texture and Patterns

Neutral tones offer another benefit: You can have fun with patterned furniture and textured upholstery without making a room look too busy. For example, if your walls are crisp and muted, you can incorporate striped easy chairs without sacrificing elegance and a contemporary feel.

With a little research and inspiration from your favorite home and living magazines, you can find neutral colors that suit your tastes without feeling boring or mundane. If it’s time to paint the interior of your home, head down to your nearest DFW-area hardware store and sift through paint swatches to help narrow down your choices.